04 July 2013

Summer Trip - Day 7

After the short interruption about Andrea's new R1200R, we continue the ride report of our two weeks in the Western US.

We started with a short excursion on a dirt road:

First dirt contact

But after that turned into some fairly steep up and down we decided it wasn't worth that one single photo Andrea wanted to take and turned around.

In the end it was a good decision as this was the wrong road anyways ... ;-)

Feeling my way down

From there we left the Moab area and headed South. We stopped for a few minutes at Hole n''the Rock, but decided it was too touristy and moved on fairly quickly after taking some crazy photos:

At Hole n''the Rock

At Hole n''the Rock

Still at Hole n''the Rock

Further South we entered Canyonlands National Park again and can only repeat: it's breathtaking!

Canyonlands National Park

While we were away from the bikes, these guys started investigating what we had in our tank bags. It seems that riders often keep food in there and the crows learned how to open the bags - they opened the side zippers on mine and got to my ear plugs. Grrrrr.

We didn't want to leave the bikes alone after that and therefore moved on further South to Natural Bridges National Monument.

The area there was again littered with deer warning signs so we decided not to ride on late in the afternoon and instead stayed in a Motel in Monticello.

1 comment:

  1. The birds stole your earplugs? Those guys are adaptable. I wouldn't have imagined them doing that.

    Judging by the link for Hole in the Rock I think you guys made a good call leaving. I agree, from their website it looks very touristy.