28 June 2012

Don't Do Stupid Things ...

Last weekend I did something really stupid. My Tiger needed some chain maintenance and I thought, hey, I could just lift the rear of the ground by pulling the bike onto the side stand. Normally that works just find and I have done super tight turning around with that technique, but this time ... it didn't work.

I pulled, something crunched in my back and the next thing I know was me lying on the floor with the worst pain I ever had in my lower back. I couldn't move, couldn't sit, couldn't stand, couldn't walk. Damn it - why did I just do this. Somehow I got into the house, on the bed, Andrea got me two ice packs and pillows for under the legs ... half an hour later I slowly made my way into a hot bath trying to relax the totally locked up back muscles.

Man, that was bad - I took pain killers until Tuesday to get halfway through, though it was steadily getting better and I was even in the office right on Monday. Today I still feel pain when doing certain moves or when trying to lift anything heavy. Nevertheless, somehow my back recovered unbelievably fast for what it felt like on Sunday. I thought I had damaged a disk, or a vertebrae or something like that. For now, I hope to be mostly okay again for the weekend. No sports though, maybe a long walk, but no hike. Want to get back on the bike.


  1. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Glad you are feeling better.

    Our bodies sure can't do as much as we used to as we get a little older. Not that motorcyclists age any. Nope, still spring chickens I say.

    1. The aging part is the one that we don't want to accept. The other is that we are often just not as fit and trained anymore. Need to go to the gym more often ... grmbl ...

  2. Ouch! I hope you didn't do any permanent damage to your back. Speedy recovery.

    1. I hope so, too. I was recovering fairly quickly up to a certain point (full movement back, but some moves are painful), so we'll have to see how the rest goes.

  3. Guido:

    never mind your stupid lifting of your bike. I got up this morning and I had a hard time straightening up, I was walking like a hunchback all morning.

    I'm sure you will be back to normal soon

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