30 April 2011

Farkelitis Again ...

Again I'm in deep stress at work and it shows. The urge to burn through some of the PayPal money, that I collected from selling accessories from the last bike is hot again. It's weird - when I have enough time to ride the bike a lot, I'm not getting parts for it. When I don't have the time, I'm ordering the small bits and pieces here and there to make it "more mine".

Still haven't ordered panniers yet as Micatech is looking into top loading boxes that will fit the Pilot mounts. If I plan a trip I'll get the side loaders without hesitation, but as I'm not pressed right now, I can take my time.

But there were other things I had on my to do list:

Foot Pegs

Switching back to Fastway F3 foot pegs. The Pivot Pegz worked absolutely great, but overall I like the Fastway better, mainly because they were still a bit lower than the Pivot Pegz plus I can add rubber inserts to dampen the slight vibrations from the big boxer engine. Therefore, I sold the Pivot Pegz and ordered Fastways. The good thing is I lost only $15 with trying the Pivot Pegz as I got them for a really good deal at the time and could sell them for the same as I now get the Fastways for. Works for me. The $15 were worth testing it and knowing that the Fastways are the right ones for me.

Therefore, soon my bike will look like this again:

Tank Bag

I was going back and forth and forth and back around that topic. I actually like the BMW small bag for the GS:

It's a good sized back with a very nice mounting system. The one thing I don't like so much is that it's still a struggle to get it on / off due to the zipper mount at the seat. It's a bit fiddly. Also it sits right on the tank, which means on dusty trips it will scratch the paint. It's not an if just a when.

Therefore, I now decided to go ahead with the original plan and use my existing Cortech Super Mini like this with the SW Motech Quicklock mounts:

Ordered the mounts and a base for mounting the tank bag on. That'll give me quick and easy  on and off and will not scratch the paint. Win Win.


Next on the list are some "30 Years GS" decals. I absolutely loved the look of them on the 30 year edition, but really wasn't going to pay $800 for the special edition that had less accessories than mine.

Handle Bar Cross Brace

Also, as I'm planning to get a Spot tracker sooner or later, I added a handle bar cross brace to the list where I can mount the GPS and the Spot. Might or might not work, but I'll give it a try. It was also said by some people that it further reduces high frequency vibration in the handle bar which would be a positive side effect.

It'll be fun when the stuff arrives but I guess it'll take a few days as most of the stuff wasn't in stock.  We'll see - and of course, photos and reviews to come!


  1. The Fastways are very good - I have them on my 1150GS and will fit them to my 650GS too. I have wasted time and money with others but they do not sem to get the message that I don`t want to have to place my feet more inches out from the centreline and thus have tooperate all the controls completely pigeon toed!

    In UK they are hard to get with only one seller as far as I know offering a single variant (whose desigantion escapes me now)- what are the F3s?

  2. I bought a nice set of Caribou bags weeks ago and haven't even had time to install them or ride. I think I have the same farkilitis that you have. I'm checking out mounts for my cell phone and also looking at tank bags...of course, with a meazley 147 miles on the bike thus far I should be out riding like the wind instead. No time. But I do have time to take a break at work and surf the 'net for goodies. I'm interested in the SPOT, have only looked at them briefly. Can't wait for a review of that so I know whether to splurge! Have fun with the accessories!

  3. @Nikos: The F3 have different cleats than the F5. Those are the only two I have seen. Not sure about the real difference anymore, it's been a while. I had the F3 which have allen key screw cleats.

    @Jess: The spot will take me a while to get. Until then, this might be a good read for you: musings about tracker vs. emergency beacon.

    I actually do care for the "I'm okay" message and the ability to have somebody track where you are. I would never make that public, but I'd like to give that to my family so they can roughly see where I am and that I'm still moving, which normally means I'm okay.