02 March 2011

6000 Mile Service

Had it done today:

  • Reading fault memory with BMW Motorrad diagnostic system
  • Oil change, engine, with filter  [annually or every 10,000km / 6,000 miles]
  • Checking valve clearance [every 10,000km / 6,000 miles]
  • Gearbox oil change [after one year, then every two years or every 40,000km / 24,000 miles]
  • Visual inspection of hydraulic clutch system
  • Visually inspecting brake pipes, brake hoses, and connections
  • Checking front brake pads and discs for wear
  • Changing brake fluid, front brakes [after one year, then every two years] 
  • Checking rear brake pads and brake disc for wear
  • Changing brake fluid, rear brakes [after one year, then every two years]
  • Checking freedom of movement of Bowden cables and checking for kinks and chafing
  • Checking tyre tread depth and tyre pressure (Result: 50% remaining. My Comment: that's very optimistic, there is about 30% remaining, if even that much)
  • Checking ease of movement of side stand
  • Checking ease of movement of center stand
  • Checking spoke tension, adjusting if necessary (Result: all was good)
  • Checking lights and signaling equipment
  • Function test, engine start suppression
  • Correcting engine synchronisation (also called Throttle Body Sync)
  • Final inspection and check of roadworthiness
  • Reading fault memory again
  • Resetting service due date and service countdown distance

Overall pretty much as expected with two surprises: 

First, brake fluid changes weren't expected by the service guy when I dropped off the bike. He called that BMW had changed the schedules for the 2010 series and whether I'm okay with that. I was. Brakes might save my life.

Second is that the initial idea with the dual overhead cams was that you had to check valve clearance after 6k miles and then only every 12k miles. BMW seems to have re-visited that and require it now every 6k miles again as it was for the older models. They actually had to change one of the "shims" on my R.

Bike runs just as fine as when I dropped it of. No difference felt. But it was all good to begin with so no big surprises. I guess, sooner or later I will do maintenance service myself because that is plain getting expensive for a lot of trivial things.

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