23 November 2010

Some Impressions from Yesterday and Today

Detailed report still TBD, here are the initial impressions ...

Highway 1 - Just South of Monterey
The fun about to start

Somewhere around Big Sur - I think

Doesn't come across - it was cold (around 8 deg C)

Having fun

More fun

Carlsbad, CA, first time over 15C

It was damn cold here again (roughly 2 deg C or 36F)

Dirt Bike and 4WD Rentals

A pig in the sand - that beast is heavy

While we're at it - having more fun there


  1. Still minus 8C in Vancouver...
    Riding conditions: forget it

    Beautiful pics, especially the last one.

  2. Yeah, that was when I was searching for a rest stop for about 50km and finally gave up and went into a side "street". After about 10m the sign "Pavement Ends" was standing for fun to come ...

    Overall the R handles quite well as long as the sand doesn't get too deep. But deep sand is a pain. Where I shot that photo from the old racked up car the rear wheel was about 20cm in deep sand. That wasn't fun anymore.

  3. I also really like the last photo. Nice sky as a backdrop. 2C, that's about the same as up here in the (supposedly) frozen north.


  4. I still cannot manage sand, no matter what bike. It requires skills that I have never built up. Not sure that I really need it, though.

  5. @Richard: it was getting dark very fast and early - and I needed a pitstop somewhere. Therefore I left the main road into one of those side roads and was greeted with a "Pavement Ends" sign right away. Not a problem, the ground was hard enough to just drive, sliding just a little bit.

    @Sonja: Me neither. Especially with a big pig like the R1200GS and Metzeler Tourance EXP tires it's no fun. No grip at all, heavy, unbalanced because of the 10kg topcase (don't have side cases yet), inexperienced rider and so on.

    But I remembered people saying "Stand up, ass back, hands light on the bars, and then just gas it" - and that's what I did and I got out without too much trouble. Didn't drop the bike! YEAH!