03 November 2010

Good Bye Honda

For years I was hoping that Honda would get their act together, fire their completely clueless design and engineering team and get back to good, solid, and nice looking bikes.

But this just beats just about everything in ugliness I have seen in a long time.

I give up. It might be that it's just sick from the head. I'm not claiming to be a designer but I do claim to have an eye for balanced design, functionality, and clean lines.

To make it short: the new models are as ugly as you can make a motorcycle. Dear Honda, you lost me forever. It's not worth looking in your dusty corner again. Those things are overweight, fugly, with lines as if designed by a stoned Playmobil designer ...

The new Crosstourer:

And even worse, the new Crossrunner:


  1. That's probably a Pokemon generation designer brain fart.

    They were good once... I love the 70's and 80's Honda models.

  2. Yeah, something like that. And remember: I was riding Honda only in the 90s when they actually had the most advanced, affordable, incredibly reliable bikes.

    I had a Transalp, a VFR750F, and an ST1100 and couldn't have been happier with those bikes. But now? They are ridiculous. 40kg heavier than the competition, ugly like hell, high prices, and not the good selection of accessories / options.

    May Mr. Honda rest in piece. If he could see the [beeeeep - censored] his company produces nowaday, he probably wouldn't be very happy ...

  3. Hehehe, yeah, maybe. The father isn't much nicer in that case.

    Such a pity for a company that used to make good looking, technologically sound, reliable, nice sounding, and affordable motorcycles. Nothing of that remains in Honda today (last few years).