05 September 2010

Great Post about "First Motorcycle"-Decision

This is a really great article about why sportbikes are not good beginner bikes.

Personally I also think it applies to everything, that is too heavy and to powerful, not just sportbikes. Too powerful for a beginner  in my opinion is everything above 50HP, lower is better here, I started with 27 and that was about right for a standard street bike. Too heavy ... depends on your build. This is normally not that much of a concern but a lighter bikes makes handling easier and therefore cheaper because of less tip overs and less repairs ...

Just my personal opinion.


  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing. I forwarded the link directly to Roland who thinks he is too big and tall for most light bikes ;-) We will see what he will end up with next year (pending his shoulder issue)...

  2. Thought about him - it's hard for someone his height. A really high but still light and not aggressive dual sport might be something for him. Like a Suzuki DR650 or so. It will not be comfortable and not be for long term or long distance, but it's something to learn on and get the skills up if he really wants to ride a motorcycle.

    It's the big brother of Andrea's DR200 ...